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Pandit Ji (Priest) Their primary responsibility is to conduct daily puja at the temple. During Hindu festivals, traditional events such as weddings, the sacred thread ceremony, performance of last rites and special deity ceremonies, priests are called upon to conduct puja's either at the temple or at the location of the event. In order to perform these puja's, the priests are required to have prior skills and knowledge. To be a qualified priest, they must know the required chants (mantras and strotas) fluently in Sanskrit and be familiar with the materials required to perform the puja for various ceremonies and rituals.Pandits from an early age were trained to memorize hymns in order to chant them during rituals and ceremonies without aid. Receiving assistance to remember hymns and chants was frowned upon, and were only expected to recite the hymns through memory.
PanditJiForPuja.com is a group of religious panditji,who provide complete Pooja(ritual).Our Experience Vedic Best Brahman Pandits Provide Satyanarayan Puja,Rudrabhishek Puja,Griha Pravesh Puja,Maha Mrityunjaya Puja,Vastu Shanti Puja,Shani Mahadasha Puja & All Puja,Havan,Katha.

Our Services are :-
Pandit For kundli
Pandit For kundli matching
Pandit For Satyanarayan Puja(Satyanarayan katha)
Pandit For Griha Pravesh/Griha Shanti/House Opening/House Warming Ceremony Puja
Pandit For Rudrabhishek Puja
Pandit For Maha Mrityunjaya Puja/Jaap/Yagya
pandit For Ganpati Pooja(pandit For Ganesh Puja)
pandit for karva chauth Puja
pandit for govardhan puja
Pandit For Diwali Puja(Pandit For deepavali Puja)
pandit For Laxmi Puja(Pandit for lakshmi Puja)
pandit for navratri puja
Pandit For Vastu Shanti Puja
Pandit For Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja
Pandit For Navagraha Shanti Puja
Pandit For Shani Puja
Pandit For Shani Sade Sati Shanti Puja
Pandit For Shani Mahadasha Puja
Pandit For Annaprashan Puja
Pandit For Janma Ashouch Puja
Pandit For Namakaran Puja
Pandit For Bhoomi Puja
Pandit For Brihaspati Vrat Udyapan Puja
Pandit For Engagement puja(Sagai)
Pandit For Godh bharai(Baby Shower) Puja
Pandit For Kuber Upasana Puja
Pandit For Mundan/Churakaran Ceremony/1st hair cutting
Pandit For Birthday Ceremony
Pandit For Marriage Ceremony/Vivah/Shaadi/Wedding
Pandit For Satkandi/Navchandi/Tripindi/Narayanbali Puja Pandit For Tilak Ceremony
Pandit For Sagun Ceremony
Pandit For Vivah Puja
Pandit For Chura Ceremony
Pandit For Vaidik Marriage Vidhi
Pandit For Roka Ceremony
Pandit For Engegement Puja
Pandit For Grahshanti
Pandit For Marriage Anniversary
Pandit For Mahalaxmi Puja
Pandit For Shuddhikaran Puja
Pandit For Janeu/Upanayanam/Upanayana/Yagnopavit Sanskar/Sacred Thread/Threading Ceromony Puja
Pandit For Surya Puja
Pandit For Solah Somvar Udyapan Puja
Pandit For New Business Opening Ceremony
Pandit For Office Opening Ceremony
Pandit For Pitra(Pitru) Dosh Nivaran Puja
& Pandit For Puja All Types of Pooja.
Pandit For Ayush Havan
Pandit For Chandi Havan
Pandit For Dhanvantari Havan
Pandit For Ganpati Havan
Pandit For Lakshmi Kubera Havan
Pandit For Mrityunjaya Havan
Pandit For Navgrah Havan
Pandit For Rudra Havan
Pandit For Saraswati Havan
Pandit For Sudarshan havan
Pandit For Yagna Havan
Pandit For Budha graha shanti jaap
Pandit For Chandra graha mantra jaap
Pandit For Gayatri mantra jaap
Pandit For Guru graha shanti jaap
Pandit For Ketu graha shanti jaap
Pandit For Mangal graha shanti jaap
Pandit For Rahu graha shanti jaap
Pandit For Santan gopal mantra jaap
Pandit For Shani graha mantra jaap
Pandit For Shukra graha mantra jaap
Pandit For Surya graha shanti jaap
Pandit For Akhand Ramayan Path
Pandit For Durga Saptashati Path
Pandit For Hanuman Chalisa Path
Pandit For Sunderkand Path
Pandit For Shanti Yagya
Pandit For Ark Vivah for Female
Pandit For Guru Chandal Yoga Shanti
Pandit For Kalasarpa Dosha Puja
Pandit For Kumbh Vivah for Female
Pandit For Shani Chandra Vish Yog Nivaran
Pandit For Vishnu Vivah for Female
Pandit For Vishti Karana (bhadra)shanti puja
We are Providing Pandits Ji For Puja-Path Services in Patna Near Boring Road Patna Kankarbagh Patna Boring Canal Road Patna Gardanibagh Patna Rajendra Nagar Patna Hanuman Nagar Patna Bailey Road Patna Rajeev Nagar Patna Bazar Samiti Patna Mahendru Patna Naya Tola Patna Patna City Patna Anisabad Patna sabzibagh Patna patna gaya road Patna nehru nagar Patna gulzarbagh Patna rampur lane Patna shivpuri Patna Ashiananagar Patna shri krishnapuri Patna mahavir nagar Patna lohanipur Patna ag colony Patna khjpura Patna alamganj Patna east patel nagar Patna saguna mor Patna jedeo path Patna Ashiyana More Patna Jagdevpath Patna IAS Colony Patna Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar Patna Mohammadpur Patna Danapur Cantt Patna Rajendar Nagar Patna Manoharpur Kachhuara Patna rms colony Patna Jaipal Singh Road Patna RamNagari Patna Bhagwat Nagar Patna Phulwari Sarif Patna Patel Nagar Patna Raja Bazar Patna Shiv Puri Patna Gola Road Patna Machhua Toli Patna Bakerganj Patna Sri Krishna Nagar Patna Gandhi Nagar Patna Nageshwar Colony Patna phulwari sharif Patna mitra mandal colony Patna kisan colony Patna khagaul Patna chitkohra Patna police colony Patna anandpuri Patna sri krishna puri Patna kidwaipuri Patna new patliputra colony Patna keshri nagar Patna lodipur Patna rajbansi nagar Patna sheikhpura Patna danapur Patna veerchand patel road Patna khajpura Patna rps more Patna saguna more Patna rupaspur Patna jagdeo path Patna jay prakash nagar Patna jakkanpur Patna frazer road Patna sadhnapuri Patna saristabad Patna punjabi colony Patna ashok rajpath Patna kumhrar Patna chanakya nagar Patna mithapur Patna chriyantand Patna punaichak Patna kautilya nagar Patna rajiv nagar Patna bhootnath Patna exhibition road Patna ashiana nagar Patna kadamkuan Patna kurji Patna green city Patna jalalpur city Patna bhikhana pahari Patna digha Patna ashok nagar Patna lohia nagar Patna chitragupta nagar Patna sipara Patna.